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Two new Guidance Documents

PQRS 2014 How LCSW/s implement

The VSCSW has reviewed the CMS, CSWA and other resources to gather information to assist in educating LCSW's as they are implementing the PQRS requirements into their clinical practice.  The VSCSW has produced two Guidance Documents to assit LCSW's in implementation of PQRS for 2014:

Document 1 focus on:

1.  A flowchart that visually presents the PQRS process.
2.  A sample CMS 1500 Form that displays the "Claims" reporting option for a client with Major Depressive Disorder.
3.  Several pages from the CMS document "PQRS 2014 Implementation Guide"

Document 2 focuses on:
A table that shows each PQRS measure that LCSW's would use. Also it displays the QDC's for each measure and the frequency that each must be reported.

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