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The Clinical and Ethical Challenges of Working with Traumatized Clients: Transference, Counter-transference and Vicarious Trauma

This workshop on April 25, 2014 will explore the powerful and often complicated therapeutic alliance that exists between mental health professionals and clients with histories of trauma, abuse, and neglect. Lisa Ferentz, LCSW-C, DAPA will discuss the “coping strategies” and inevitable emotional baggage that clients bring with them into treatment, the assumptions they make about therapists and the therapy process, and the impact that “traumatic transference” has on the relationship.” She will also look at potential triggering experienced by the therapist and how their own vulnerabilities can evoke counter-transferential responses that impact efficacy, relationship dynamics, treatment agendas and outcomes. Participants will also learn about the ways in which they are vulnerable to vicarious traumatization and the effects that can heave on the therapeutic alliance. In addition, participants will explore the common “red flags” that are indicative of waning ethics in our work with trauma survivors, as well as some of the ethical challenges that emerge in this work including: use of self-disclosure; gift giving; and boundary setting. Many of these issues will be illustrated through case vignettes and clips from popular movies and TV shows that demonstrate deviations in the standard of care, transference, and counter-transference in the client-therapist relationship.   http://www.vscsw.org/continuing_education/pinkus_schwartz_symposium/

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