Ethics Handouts


Joseph G. Lynch LCSW, CSOTP

Clinical Social Work Ethics: How do you know you are doing the right thing?


1.  Goals and Objectives

2.  Context and Influences

3.  Power Point Slides for Ethics Presentation

4.  Ethical Decision Making Protocol

5.  Clinical Social Work Association-Code of Ethics

6.  Clinical Boundary Questionnaire-Self Assessment

7. Code of Virginia - Table of Contents

8.  § 8.01-399. Communications between physicians and patients (Supreme Court Rule 2:505 derived from this section).

9.§ 8.01-400.2. Communications between certain mental health professionals and clients (Supreme Court Rule 2:506 derived from this section).

10.  § 8.01-413. Certain copies of health care provider's records or papers of patient admissible; right of patient, his attorney and authorized insurer to copies of such records or papers; subpoena; damages, costs and attorneys' fees.

11.  § 16.1-345. Involuntary commitment; criteria.

12.  § 18.2-67.10. General definitions, §20.124.6 Access to minor's records and §54.1-2400.4 Mental health services providers duty to inform; immunity; civil penalty.

13. §32.1-127,1;03 Health records privacy

14.  §54.1-2400.1 Mental health service providers; duty to protect third parties; immunity

15. Finding the Laws and Regulations

16.  Ethical Decision Making Protocol Reamer