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Psychotherapy and Mid-Level Licensure

VSCSW Legislative Vice President Joseph G. Lynch LCSW has prepared two reports for the VBSW Regulatory Committee and presented the reports to the Board members on July 24, 2015 at the VBSW Board meeting.  The Regulatory Committee was scheduled to consider both issues at their meeting on August 28, 2015.  However the August 28, 2015 meeting was cancelled and as of October 14, 2015 has not been rescheduled.  The two issues are of grave concern to  VSCSW.  The VSCSW is opposed to any changes that in any way diminish the value of the Virginia LCSW license.  To read the reports click on the name of the report below:

1.  “Mid-level” licensure

2.  “Psychotherapy” in the definition of Clinical Social Work in the VBSW Regulations

denial of LCSW application

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Two new Guidance Documents

PQRS 2014 How LCSW/s implement

The VSCSW has reviewed the CMS, CSWA and other resources to gather information to assist in educating LCSW's as they are implementing the PQRS requirements into their clinical practice.  The VSCSW has produced two Guidance Documents to assit LCSW's in implementation of PQRS for 2014:

Document 1 focus on:

1.  A flowchart that visually presents the PQRS process.
2.  A sample CMS 1500 Form that displays the "Claims" reporting option for a client with Major Depressive Disorder.
3.  Several pages from the CMS document "PQRS 2014 Implementation Guide"

Document 2 focuses on:
A table that shows each PQRS measure that LCSW's would use. Also it displays the QDC's for each measure and the frequency that each must be reported.

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LCSW: Agency VS. Non-Agency practice

At the January 3, 2014 meeting of a committee of the Virginia Board of Social Work public comment was made by the VSCSW concering three items that were brought up by another professional association:

1) Licensure Compact for Licensed Clinical Social Workers in jurisdictions that are contiguous to Virginia (similar to existing Nurse Licensure Compact)
2) Repeal of the Code of Virginia § 54.1-3701. Exemption from requirements of licensure.
3) Creating multi-tiered social work licensing to include a license for the practice of Clinical Social Work that is restricted to agency based setting practice.  The qualifications for this license would be sufficient to acquire insurance company reimbursement.

To read the entire VSCSW public comments click here: 

VBSW Revises the LCSW application process

The VBSW voted to change its bylaws at the October 25, 2013 meeting.   As part of the bylaws change the VBSW has revised the process for LCSW application review and acceptance or denial of applications.  To learn more click here.

No more "FAKE" Social Workers at DSS

DSS has proposed changes in their regulations and has replaced the title "Social Work" with the title "Family Services Specialist."  The new regulations are being reviewed by the Governor and are on a fast-track for becoming effective possibly as soon as September 2013.   VSCSW public comments were part of the process of ensuring that the title "Social Worker" was protected.  The title social worker is representing that the holder of that title has met the credentialing required by the title protection statute that became effective July 1, 2013. There will no longer be any "FAKE" social workers at DSS.  Only persons with a degree in social work will be allowed to use the title "social worker." For details click FAKE

Spring 2013 Newsletter

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Our legislative team hard at work:
Rick Goodling & Joe Lynch

Deadline Approaching


You may know a social worker that needs to know this information

       If you are not yet licensed and you acquired your supervision prior to November 26, 2008 and you wish to use that supervised experience to meet the requirements for the LCSW license then there is a deadline approaching for you. That supervision will only be accepted by the VBSW until November 26, 2012.

Virginia Board of Social Work Regulations (Effective date 3/2/2011)

18VAC140-20-50. Experience requirements for a licensed clinical social worker.
A. Supervised experience. Supervised experience in all settings obtained in Virginia without prior written board approval will not be accepted toward licensure. Supervision begun before November 26, 2008, that met the requirements of this section in effect prior to that date will be accepted until November 26, 2012.

Contact the VBSW if you have any questions:  Sarah Georgen, Administrative Assistant for the Board,